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Pablo Girolami, Italian-Spanish born in Neuchâtel (Switzerland), studied at the Tanz Akademie Zürich where he graduated in 2014. He began his professional career as a dancer in Wiesbaden/Darmstadt with the Hessisches Staatsballett. In 2018 he danced for Spellbound Contemporary Ballet.

He is currently a freelance choreographer and artistic director of IVONA, a project-based company he founded in 2019 with the desire to express his vision and explore his creativity.

From a meeting with the dancer Giacomo Todeschi, came the company's first creation: Manbuhsa. The duet has been performed in various festivals in Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Germany, Turkey and Portugal and won the Italian TWAIN Direzioni-Altre 2019 Award, the Prize for Interpretive and Technical Strength within the Corto in danza 2019 festival (Cagliari) and the Audience Award at the 33rd Choreographic Certamen in Madrid.

Between January and February 2020 Pablo Girolami and Giacomo Todeschi were guests at Oriente Occidente Studio with the company IVONA for the development of the performance Manbuhsa.

By involving artists from Germany, Portugal and Spain, Pablo Girolami's first creation as an independent artist is now extended to a wider duration with an evolution of the choreography.

The concept of the research is based on the idea of urban exodus and the exploration of insecurity and the feeling of being trapped by the latent negativity of urbanisation. From this conflict, a feeling of trust develops and leads to an educational relationship, aimed at personal reflection and self-discovery.

In movements and choreographic elements there is extensive research into certain images of 'animal courtship'. The dance reminds us of cranes, whose bodies react simultaneously to the impulses given to each other, the agitation and precision recall the peacock spider. 

There is thus an inspiration from the essence of human daily and urban movement, but the quality of instinctive and wild animal movement is also taken up.

During the residency there was a sharing moment for critics and operators and a workshop open to the students of the Liceo Coreutico Bonporti of Trento. At the end of the residency, in collaboration with Mart Museo d'arte contemporanea di Trento e Rovereto and Centro Culturale S. Chiara, a presentation of the work was held in the museum, open to the public as part of the Aperitivi in Danza program.

Manbhusona was presented in its final form as part of the program of Oriente Occidente Dance Festival 2021. On the same occasion, an excerpt from it, Migrazioni, was also presented in an open-air version.

For me, dance is rhythm, it's seduction. I think we humans didn't invent dance. I think nature, especially animals, invented this fantastic art that is dance. To communicate.There is this instinct, this spontaneity in dance, which attracts me very much.

- Pablo Girolami

In 2020 Pablo Girolami presents the performance Gianni - Pasquale at the 40th edition of Oriente Occidente Dance Festival.