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Chiara Taviani

Chiara Taviani trained at the Princesse Grace Academy in Monaco and later attended the Coline advanced training course for contemporary performers in Marseille.

Since 2010 she collaborates as a performer with Balletto Civile / Michela Lucenti and in 2011 she founded with Carlo Massari the company C&C, guest in national and international festivals such as Romaeuropa, Edinburgh Fringe festival, Be Festival, FuoriLuogo La Spezia, ImpulsTanz Vienna, Manipulate Dance Festival and others. In 2015 she attended the Prototypes path for young choreographers in Royaumont, Paris, under the direction of Hervé Robbe.

Recently she collaborates with several young choreographers such as Henrique Furtado Vieira for the project Stand still you ever moving spheres of heaven in collaboration with Scenario Pubblico of Catania and Marion Alzieu with the project Total eclipse of a heart supported by Residenza produttiva, Carrozzerie n.o.t , Pim off and U.O.T.

What would we be without our public image? What form would our thoughts take if we were not constantly sharing them on social platforms? What would happen if the private remained private? What ways of being might arise from an intimate listening to what we do not confess?

In a society where everyone places himself at the center, constructs himself by attributing value to himself and is driven to overexposure, the image we project to the outside world becomes our everything.

Instead, the inner place of each of us can represent a space for research, to be focused on with the aim, for once, not of making us feel but of getting to know the most hidden side of us that, perhaps, could draw unprecedented trajectories.

Taviani in How to Perfectly Hide works together with the two performers Loretta d'Antuono and Lorenzo De Simone on contrapositions: dissimulating to then reveal, containing to then reveal, disappearing to then appear. All with dilated times, alternating presence and absence, sudden manifestations.