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Apr 28 2023 16:00

Oriente Occidente Studio

How to perfectly hide

Chiara Taviani and the performers Loretta d'Antuono and Lorenzo De Simone are in artistic residence in our spaces from 17 April to continue their research on the new work How to perfectly hide.

The choreographer questions the increasing contemporary tendency to expose oneself to the media that we all have: our public image is a priority, our thoughts are always shared, our private life is now non-existent.

But what thoughts do we not publish on social media? What trajectories would our lives take if we actually listened to what we do not confess?

On the last day of work, choreographer and performer invite the public to an open rehearsal: Friday 28 April at 6 p.m. in our Studio.

To participate, reservations are appreciated!

How to perfectly hide

Performers Loretta d'Antuono and Lorenzo De Simone

Music by Francesco Leineri