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Annamaria Ajmone

Annamaria Ajmone, dancer and choreographer, with a degree in modern literature, graduated as a dancer at the Civica Scuola Teatro Paolo Grassi in Milan.

At the center of her research is the body as a malleable and mutable material capable of transforming spaces into places, creating parallelisms and temporal overlaps. For her productions she collaborates with people with whom she shares the creative process, thus involving different images and visions.

Since 2014 she has been presenting her work as a choreographer in numerous dance, theater and performing arts festivals, museums, art galleries and atypical spaces in Europe, Asia, North Africa and the United States. She has worked as a dancer with several authors and choreographers and collaborates with various artists on projects of different nature and duration.

In 2015, she won the 2015 Danza&Danza award as Best Emerging Contemporary Performer. In 2019-2024, she is an associated artist of Triennale Milano Teatro.

Annamaria Ajmone is a guest of Oriente Occidente Studio in July 2021 for an artistic residence with the project entitled La notte è il mio giorno preferito (The night is my favorite day). It is an act of performative contemplation of the "other" and of the concept of otherness itself.

La notte è il mio giorno preferito was born thanks to the contact with the dancer, singer and performer Veza Fernandez, interested in extreme vocal and physical states that question what is considered normal, beautiful or harmonious; such as howling. The dual nature of the howl - both as a signal and as a tool to construct a space through relationship - constituted the starting point for a research based on a critique of the anthropocentric paradigm in the relationship with nature.

In addition to Veza Fernandez, the construction of the show avails itself of the collaboration of the visual artist Natália Trejbalová and the art historian and researcher Stella Succi.

The artistic residence ended with a rehearsal open to dancers and cultural operators of the territory.

La notte è il mio giorno preferito is an attempt to embody the Other through a meditation on animals and their ecosystems. This attempt is doomed to failure: there is no chance of embodying anything but one’s own body, nor of communicating or understanding on an inter-specific level.

- Annamaria Ajmone