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Yoko Omori

Born and raised in Japan, Yoko Omori has been studying ballet since childhood and came to contemporary dance and hip hop practice as a teenager.

She won the Outstanding New Artist award and the Touch-point Art Foundation Award at the Yokohama Dance Collection in 2019 and the Best Dancer award at the Yokohama Dance Collection in 2021.

In June 2022, he won second prize at the international Danse Élargie competition held at the Théâtre de la Ville in Paris.

Just through a partnership with the Théâtre de la Ville, Yoko Omori comes to Oriente Occidente for an artistic residency, attending the 2023 edition of the Festival with her work PLAIN-chan.

Yoko Omori arrives in artistic residency at Oriente Occidente with a new work in progress, titled PLAIN-chan.

In this new piece for her supple and sinuous body, Omori dances as if she were a character detached from her emotions. «Contrary to what I have explored so far in solos such as Help in which I danced my ghosts and myself - the young artist explains - here I am a character far away from myself».

From here comes the title of the piece where the english adjective plain, "simple, ordinary", refers to the idea of a person with a two-dimensional, nuance-free, typified existence, to which, however, Omori adds the Japanese term chan, used, the author further explains, «in my mother tongue in addition to a proper name of a person to refer to that person in a friendly way. And it's kind of like saying I love this simple character I bring to the stage».

The imagery he brings to his work is that of anime and video games but, just as his professional biography, she blends classical training with contemporary and hip hop influences, combined with that of the most traditional of classical ballets: Swan Lake.

Her work is also being created through props, a selection of everyday objects, and music, composed for her by a japanese composer, which seems to move in a parallel way to the dance, overlapping rather than meeting.