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Sindri Runudde

Sindri Runudde is an internationally active artist of Swedish origin. His works range from music to visual art and contemporary circus, where he began his artistic education.

As a dancer, he has worked for companies known all over the world, such as Les sept doigts de la main, Candoco Dance Company and Skånes Dance Theater. He has been making his own creations as a choreographer since 2017 and has worked with numerous choreographers, including: Stina Nyberg, Carl Olof Berg, Martin Forsberg, Ben Wright, Jeremy Wade, Moritz Ostruschnjak and Miriam Gurtner.

Sindri brings to his work a queer and feminist philosophy and his everyday life as a visually impaired person leads him to be strongly engaged nationally and internationally on the front of disability in dance and the community around it.

Sindri Runudde joined us at Oriente Occidente Studio for an artistic residence in May 2009 to develop and deepen his improvisation practice.

The research process originated from a creation developed by the choreographer three years earlier with interactive sound-piece, a platform with contact microphones that amplify body sounds. The basic ideas within this creative process are sensory exploration and tactility as a guide to expand physical awareness and be able to compose and to choreograph through touch.

The artist explores the idea of sound as touch, the connection between sound and movement by sharing this period of research with electroacoustic composer Marta Forsberg and a group of local volunteers.

The project is supported by Europe Beyond Access. Creative Europe.