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Miriana Nardelli

A circus performer and trainer specializing in static trapeze, Miriana Nardelli studied at the Rogelio Rivel National Center for Circus Arts in Barcelona and graduated as a CAE social circus trainer. She later moved to Menorca to the Acirkaos Circus School.

In 2021 she took part in Performing Arts Generations winning with the Momentum project at the Pergine Festival. In the 2022 summer season she participated at Brocante Festival, Muja Festival, Dinamico Festival.

Currently collaborates with Tasca Teatro company, City of Turin, Province of Trento for artistic and cultural projects and coordinates Spazio Liquido in Turin. She teaches aerial acrobatics at Reale Società di ginnastica Torino. She is organizational and project manager of ECO Storie di montagne and Euforia Circus Festival.

"Kokedama," from the Japanese "moss ball," is a plant without a pot that finds all the nourishment it needs in special balls of potting soil wrapped in moss.

Through the kokedama technique, the performer sculpts nature and becomes part of it. She blends earth, a primordial matter that welcomes life, and fresh moss, a recurring element in Eastern contemplative arts for its strength and endurance, and shapes a nutrient-rich sphere. She models matter and narrates a journey of inner search for one's own space, floating abode and safe place.

KOKE-DAMA enhances the changing nature and human being and the transience of life by asking questions about our identity: is it necessary to have roots rooted in the earth to find a space in the world?