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Martina Gambardella

Martina Gambardella trained as a dancer between Milan (at CIMD-Centro Internazionale Movimento e Danza) and Leeds (at NSCD-Northern School of Contemporary Dance). In 2014 she moved to Berlin and for one year she followed the Axis Syllabus International Research Community hub. Since 2012, alongside collaborations as a dancer, she has been pursuing her own choreographic research. In the summer of 2016, she received her Postgraduate Diploma in Developing Artistic Practice at LCDS-London Contemporary Dance School in London.

In 2017, she co-founded the Cavadoras Collective of study and performance in Berlin and is currently an associate artist of CodedUomo Choreography and Research and part of CIMD-Incubator for Future Choreographers, a project directed by Franca Ferrari in collaboration with Daniele Ninarello, Marco D'Agostin and Davide Valrosso.

In March 2021 Martina Gambardella is at Oriente Occidente Studio for an artistic residency.

Error#1, the creation she is working on, originates from the desire to investigate the relationship that exists between a body and the landscape that surrounds it. The project observes the relationship of mutual co-participation and co-implication between them, to take note of the tendency of the body to control and dominate the present time.

Martina Gambardella uses Error#1 to expand her research on the relationship between the origin of movement and the external world. The starting question is always the same: how do the things of the world affect and move us?

The work looks at the complexity of remaining permeable, of resisting as a channel for change, of letting oneself be touched until the compactness of a fixed and finite self dissolves. The living and extended nature of perception guides the entire process and places the body in a constant state of listening, waiting, and pre-sensing of the other. Martina Gambardella is continuously searching for an adjustment of her body outside herself, in space and time.

ERROR#1 exposes a bodily process of learning. It stems from a practice of inhabiting the here and now, perceptively grasping the details of an elusive flow that inform, regenerate and expand the sense and responsibility of being present. In the transcending of the inside and the outside and in the discarding of the ego, the body evolves, trespassing and recognizing its being "other" and complex.

- Martina Gambardella