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Lucrezia Gabrieli

Lucrezia Gabrieli studies at Centro Opus Ballet in Florence, carries out short periods of study abroad and continues to train following workshops with international choreographers.

In 2017 she is selected for Biennale College Danza in Venice and attends Specific Training by Loris Petrillo. In these years she presents short performances for events and festivals such as Festival Cinema e Donne, Arte in Vetrina and {Te}che.

In 2018 she presents her first solo, Millimetro cubo, at Fabbrica Europa PlatformA35 and works as performer and dancer in projects including Solo Sapore by Greta Francolini and Confabulazione by Damiano Ottavio Bigi.

In 2019 she works as a performer in TURNING_Orlando's version by Alessandro Sciarroni and is selected for the choreography project Anghiari Dance Hub 2019.

Her personal performative and choreographic research is characterized by an interest in themes related to childhood and figurative art and the creation of performances for unconventional places.

After a long period of research and work at Anghiari Dance Hub, in February and June 2020 Lucrezia Gabrieli and Sofia Magnani have been hosted at Oriente Occidente Studio to continue the development of their performative action entitled Stretching one's arms again, a project that aims to involve the spectator in a visual experience of reality abstraction.

Taking inspiration from Mark Rothko's Untitled (Blue, Yellow, Green on Red), from the painter's biography and personality, the chromatic and choreographic code is used to enter a world of ideas, emotions and humanity.

The intent is to reflect and translate, using a visual and choreographic code hidden behind a playful and fun atmosphere, some current issues, in this case the individualistic attitude of contemporary humanity and its way of living relationships.

Serenade you is a version of Stretching one's arms again dedicated to a spectator who, as in a renaissance serenade, looks out and listens to the performance under his window, in the open air. This version of the work was presented in Rovereto, in the square of the MART Museo di Arte Contemporanea di Trento e Rovereto during Oriente Occidente Dance Festival 2020.

Stretching one's arms again does not want to manifest itself in an aesthetic form or a narrative score but aims to involve the spectator in a visual experience and recreate, with a light tone and veiled by a childish atmosphere, the sensitive weight of human interaction, the detachment and the individualistic character of man that persists even in cohabiting the same field of play.

- Lucrezia Gabrieli