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Giselda Ranieri

Known for the kaleidoscopic expressions on her faces and her rhythmic body, Giselda Ranieri is a dancer and choreographer graduated in Performing Arts and specialized in Dance at DAMS in Bologna. From the beginning, her work is deeply influenced by Katie Duck, Julyen Hamilton, Dominique Dupuy and Cosmin Manolescu.

Since 2010 she has collaborated for three years on Manolesco's E-MOTIONAL Rethinking Dance project and performed in Fragile's European tour. Afterwards he devoted himself to personal research, creating solos including i...i...me?! and T.I.N.A.

2020 opens a period of choreographic exploration of digital formats. Her site-specific works in real time are hosted in places such as the Uffizi Gallery (Florence), Museo d'Arte Contemporanea Triennale Bovisa (Milan), and Museo Pecci (Prato).

She is also an invited lecturer at the Brera Academy (Milan) for lessons on the practice and theory of instant composition. She is an artist associated with ALDES/Roberto Castello.

ICE_CREAM is a choreographic duo performed by Giselda Ranieri and Michael Incarbone that investigates the forms of laughter and weeping using voice, movement and device. The title plays ambiguously between the statement I scream and the object ice cream, which ironically recalls the verb bearer of the work: formal and emotional melting.

The choreographer's interest is to explore the place, time and space where boundaries dissolve. Placed at the intersection of psyche and body, individual and social, divine and diabolical, laughter can be a philosophical approach to life, a tool of independence for dealing with life's absurdities, a medium for expressing conflicting emotions. Crying also channels complex emotions, can be transformed into a smile and even laughter in the gap of a moment, in the instant of an epiphany, making us take a conscious distance from reality.