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Daniele Ninarello

Associated Artist

Daniele Ninarello is an artist working in the field of performing arts. His choreographic language is articulated through a constant research of movement that focuses on the “living body” as a place of mediation. His works often consist of movement practices that unfold in an experiential choreographic dimension, where bodies are often oriented and kept alive by a collective consciousness.

After attending the Rotterdam Dance Academy, he immediately began working with several international choreographers (including Bruno Listopad, Barbara Altissimo, Meekers Uitgesprokendans, Virgilio Sieni, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui); since 2007 he develops his own choreographic and movement research and presents his creations in several national and international festivals.

In 2013 he founded, together with the dancer Marta Ciappina, the Association CodedUomo with the aim of disseminating and promoting his research work in Italy and abroad. He works also on training projects and in recent years he collaborates as a teacher with national and international centers.

Daniele Ninarello is an associated artist of Oriente Occidente since 2020.

Starting from the author’s own autobiographical experience, the work NOBODY NOBODY NOBODY. It's ok not to be ok manifests itself as a totally open process, a discourse in dance which investigates memories and traces left on the body by culture of control, violence and offences.

The work, subtitled Appunti, celebrazioni e proteste di un corpo vulnerabile (Notes, celebration and protests of a vulnerable body), was developed by Daniele Ninarello during a first artistic residency in September 2020 both in the spaces of Oriente Occidente Studio and in the Mart Contemporary Art Museum of Trento and Rovereto and then resumed in 2021 during several rehearsal periods in Rovereto.

NOBODY NOBODY NOBODY - It's ok not to be ok focuses on the body in its intimacy and in its relationship with the public space. Solitary and meditative dance actions, born during isolation, become protest, denunciation and sharing of a body in transformation.

The work is articulated on several actions, which the author defines as protests, and has firstly led to the creation of an art installation open to the public and realized in the halls of Mart during the 41st edition of Oriente Occidente Dance Festival. In it, a series of danced statements tell a stream of consciousness of the body that re-crosses sensations and memories, the traces left by the culture of violence and offense, to allow them to be replaced instead by fluid and permeable gestures.

Then, still in 2021, NOBODY NOBODY NOBODY. It's ok not to be ok ​also took the form of a solo performance interpreted by Ninarello and presented in a dedicated room inside the Mart in Rovereto.

In 2022, moreover, the performance meets the educational field thanks to the sharing of the residence with students from three schools of Trentino in the project NOBODY NOBODY NOBODY. It's ok not to be ok ​Collective Experience.

I allow for all of the images to flow, I celebrate them, I let them go. I allow all defences to collapse. I allow the memories of the flesh to rise to the surface, the memories that are here now disappear. No more resistance: I name every wound, and I let the skin pronounce all traces which remain. I will care for this fractured body. I fuse with everyone, with every thing. I remain silent while everything around me responds. Empty empty empty empty, the whole front wall of my head, of my chest.

- Daniele Ninarello

The creation of Pastorale by Daniele Ninarello begins in 2019 with an artistic residency in the spaces of Oriente Occidente Studio during June and July. The research focuses on the theme of reunification, of finding through a 'ritual' form that intonation of one's body with the whole.

Working with his company, the choreographer's aim is to start from singular anatomical practices in order to compose the spatial and choreographic dimension of the ritual. Dance becomes a tool to come out of the self and access to the elsewhere, to unite with what and who is close to us.

It is precisely through movement that the dancers come to align their bodies to a common and universal rhythm in a progressive tuning between bodies.

A paroxysmal game of repetition in the attempt of the individual to try to emerge from himself. A mantric process whose purpose would be to gradually come closer, aligning with the collective.

The research continued in 2020 with other periods of artistic residence and tutoring that finally led to the presentation of Pastorale in a site-specific version at Campana dei Caduti in Rovereto, during the 40th edition of Oriente Occidente Dance Festival.

Pastorale is a global body, open and available; it is a practice harboring a lost sense of cooperation, a willingness to build and to make people feel permeability rather than defensiveness.

- Daniele Ninarello