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Silvia Dezulian and Filippo Porro | Azioni Fuori Posto

Azioni Fuori Posto has been founded in Trento in 2017. This young collective of artists strive for acting out of context, out of place.

The group's performances are born in relation to the landscape and to the people involved in the process of creation. Theater, dance, music, visual art and technology become the 'tools' through which Azioni Fuori Posto works.

Perspectiva. Vedere attraverso arose from the union of the practice of Silvia Dezulian and Filippo Porro, dancers and choreographers and Martina Dal Brollo, technological sculptor, assisted by Gabriel Garcia, electronic technician.

The collective, guest at the Oriente Occidente Studio in July and August 2020, develops a research born from the period of isolation due to the pandemic. In those month people could reach the outside world only through the windows of their homes.

The idea is to develop a new creation in which the audience, in the microcosm of the city, become a symbol of nomadism as opposed to the sedentary public forced to observe from their dwelling.
The actions resulting from this research are closely related to the context. The movements of the body are the mirror of the physical structure of the territory: they are generated by the urban architecture and try to connect the inside and the outside, the public and the private.

This project reflects on the connection between urban fabric and human fabric and on how the pandemic has affected the movement of people. Thanks to dance and dancers, a different way of perceiving the city streets is possible, through a re-appropriation of urban space that allows us to feel close even if at a distance.

The artistic residency was aimed at a site-specific creation staged during the 40° edition of Oriente Occidente Dance Festival in the suburbs of the city of Rovereto.