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Alice Delva

Alice Delva attended Loredana Venchi's school and the Vic Ballet Academy in Verona. She discovered photography and video techniques, which soon became a complementary tool of expression and creation. She worked in Venice for the aerial dance company Le Rivoltelle and discovered vertical dance with Wanda Moretti, a pioneer of the discipline in Italy.

She then moved to Paris where she continued her training in contemporary dance and later obtained a Master's degree in Photography and Electronic Arts at Goldsmiths University in London. There she created her hybrid project between dance and image: ADE.

She then worked with the vertical dance company Scarabeus Aerial Theatre in London. In Paris since 2017 she has been collaborating as a vertical dancer with the historical company Les Passagers.
She has recently been training as a contemporary dancer at the NOD school in Turin.

Ancrage (from the French anchorage), is a hybrid choreographic performance between contemporary dance, aerial dance, and sound mapping in natural spaces.

The movement takes shape through a scenographic network that links the dancer to the natural elements through the use of elastic bands and ropes, but also thanks to the digitisation and harmonisation of the sounds of the territory. The choreographic research is developed in parallel with musical research and sound mapping of places.

The stage space is developed vertically and horizontally, elastics and natural elements are linked in a changing and living scenography that creates a network between man and nature.