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Sep 05 2020 - 17:00
Sep 06 2020 - 17:00

Campana dei Caduti, Rovereto

Genealogia_time specific


Luna Cenere, is a Neapolitan dancer and choreographer, among the new recruits of the national scene. She returns as an artist associated to Oriente Occidente with the Genealogia project, renamed "time specific" during the pandemic, given the fact that for Oriente Occidente 2020 there is to be no bodily contact and new rehearsal timing. This involves a change of approach for the artist for the project which originally developed around the established practice of meeting local amateurs, supported by professionals, through seminars: together we think about the body, its physical-philosophical status, we practice nudity as a natural condition, a poetic necessity of the artist since the beginning.

The body as a place, a landscape, a political act: this is Luna Cenere’s artistic code, and this is what the public discovers by witnessing her performances. The group of enthusiasts from Rovereto, who answered the invitation for public participation, will start working in August and for the first time, since the birth of the project, discussion on the body must necessarily include a performative-community discourse without contact.

“For me, it's like starting all over again - explains Luna Cenere. The previous stages of Genealogia in Emilia-Romagna and in the Marches were performed before the pandemic. Now everything is different: there will be new research in Rovereto, the result of the traumatic experience that we have been through. And the impact will be even stronger on the venue for the performance the Campana dei Caduti, a symbolic, historical place, commemorating suffering and loss. I imagine a collective ritual whose focus is on the human. The space of the Campana (Bell) and the natural light at dusk will give the group a unique visual, auditory and spatial connection of gazes, even in the absence of physical contact". Performers and audience will share an Adagio of bodies, a landscape within the landscape, embraced by the deep, visceral background music created by the Neapolitan composer Renato Grieco, ambassador for instrumental reductionism and psychoacoustics.

Genealogia_time specific

Choreography Luna Cenere
Lucas Delfino, Davide Tagliavini e con la partecipazione di Elena Andermarcher, Anna Maria, Avellino, Selvaggia Arca, Gigi Belfiore, Camilla Calvi, Elisa Ciabotti, Cristina Codecà, Federica Crispini,  Paolo De Paoli, Livio Dellarosa, Rossana Fracassini,  Lorena Magnani, Nadia Mattarei, Valter Mazzavilla,  Arianna Modin, Barbara Quargnolo, Fulvia Orifici, Estevan Reder, Arianna Villa, Manuela Wegher, Antonella Zambelli, who took part at the chorpegrphic lab
Gianni Staropoli
Gerard Valverde Ros, Mika Vahino
Management & Distribution
 Domenico Garofalo
Körper Company | Oriente Occidente Dance Festival
In collaboration with
 AMAT and Civitanova Danza for "Civitanova Casa della Danza" with the support of L'Arboreto - Teatro Dimora di Mondaino and Teatro Petrella di Longiano, Compagnia Virgilio Sieni and Les Brigittines - Playhouse for Movement, Associazione Armunia/Festival Inequilibrio
Inserted in the
ResiDance XL 2018 project - places and residency projects for choreographic creations, action of the Rete Anticorpi XL - Network Giovane Danza D’autore, coordinated by L’Arboreto - Teatro Dimora di Mondaino
30' - 40'