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We are in the EDN

IVONA artistic residence | ph Giulia Lenzi
Oriente Occidente is now member of European Dancehouse Network

This has been a goal of ours for some time and finally now the goal has been achieved: we have joined EDN - European Dancehouse Network, an international network associating our Casa della Danza with 47 other organisations in 27 European countries, as Mercat de les Flores in Barcellona, Trafò in Hungary, Maison de la Dance in Lyon and Sadler’s Wells in London.

EDN - European Dancehouse Network is a network supported by the European Community formally established in 2009 between European dance houses that share a common vision on the development of the art of dance. The network is founded on the values of trust and sharing across borders, in order to support dance but also to encourage all-round cultural participation.

Joining the European network pushes us further into a panorama of excellence. The european dancehouses work in multiple dimensions, maintaining virtuous relations on an international level, but also on a national and local level, becoming ambassadors of their regions in Europe.

Yesterday the news was given at a press conference by our President Paolo Baldessari, who commented as follows: "Joining this network is for us both a point of arrival and a starting point: we want to interpret this new role of ours in the best possible way".