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Carlo Massari

C&C Company

Carlo Massari is a transdisciplinary performer, choreographer and creator active in the Italian and international contemporary scene. Always in search of new languages, he deepens the hybridization and blend of the various performing disciplines, defining a clear and recognizable distinctive feature in an "amphibious" form.

His eclectic training and professional path is characterized by experiences that have alternated between drama, musical theater, dance and physical theater. Over the years he has collaborated as an interpreter for: Venice Biennale, Barbara Nativi, Marco Baliani, Teatro dell’Argine, TeatroDue, Cie. Balletto Civile, Cie. Abbondanza-Bertoni, Cie. della Rancia, Cie. Petri Dish.

In 2011 he became the co-founder and Artistic Director of C&C Company, a research and production company specializing in the field of dance-theater.

With the beginning of 2022, Carlo Massari, associated artist of Oriente Occidente since 2021, begins a new three-year research project on the thin border between man and beast; a research on transformations, change, the physical and spiritual alterations of being, the search for one's own nature, identity, form.

Metamorphosis is going to explore the concept of the human being as a thinking animal with an individual conscience, and then to discover, denude, relate it to its most real instincts, the fears that make it powerless, its most animalistic face, the pure truth of the body.

In the age of images, of appearing, of "look at me", we find ourselves fragile "little beasts", owners despite ourselves of a form to be filled, to be shaped, but not having exactly an idea of how to do it.

- Carlo Massari

In 2021 Carlo Massari's research is focused on Le sacre du Printemps by I. F. Stravinsky. The well-known composition becomes a starting point to question the concept of "morality", a principle handed down to us by past generations through the invention of myths and narratives that sanctions: this is right and this is wrong, this is good and this is bad, this is moral and this is immoral. Right as in straight, proper, good.

The project initiates an artistic collaboration between C&C Company and COB Compagnia Opus Ballet. The result is the performance Right premiered at Oriente Occidente Dance Festival 2021.

Are we ready for the sacrifice? Obviously not our own! It will always be up to someone else to sacrifice themselves for the good of the community; perhaps to a virgin, the most fragile and naive... And who has got the right of choice? The old, wise and elect ones, obviously. But are we sure the elderly hold within themselves the power of absolute wisdom and the authority to decide what is right for others and what is not?

- Carlo Massari

In July 2018, a few years before becoming an associated artist, Carlo Massari spends at Oriente Occidente Studio a residency period of about twenty days.

A physical research for the definition of a common language and a deep work on the different ways of physical and verbal relational approach between two or more bodies. During the path of creation, dance as a language of narration within a scenic and dramaturgic framework intersects with word, song, new circus and transformism.

The body, understood as an instrument, abandons virtuosity to put itself at the service of the basic communication level of the contemporary experience of "making theater". The development of the work leads to an irreverent, cynical study on the archetypes of human misery, on inexpressivity, on the despicable cruelty in interpersonal relationships.