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Over Limited

Over Limited Project | ph Alice Vacondio
Nov 19 2021

The project Over Limited intends to offer tools to work in the field of choreographic training with particular attention to the enhancement of diversity understood not as a limit, but as a resource and starting point for a common creative path, using approaches and teaching tools of inclusive dance.

The objective of the project is the formation of figures able to adequately collect information to identify tools and working models, guidelines that reconfigure the working methods to create a common accessible language, aimed at ensuring the acquisition of the same technical elements in a prospect of accumulation. Participants will be given the opportunity to rebuild their own specific methodological tool-kit thanks to the relationship with people with disabilities in an artistic path that will allow them to develop skills with regard to groups of different size and type, create and present performances, give feedback.

The project, for a total of 146 hours of which 20 hours of project work, is structured in 5 modules carried out with active methods of engagement. The training course is aimed at professionals in the world of performing arts with an interest in the theme of disability and will involve, as trainers, the main artists of Danceability of the national and international scene.