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Mar 18 2023 19:30

Oriente Occidente Studio

Rivelazioni di una vita a improvvisare la danza

Through a performance, talk and projection, Kirstie Simson shares her 40 years of experience as a performer and teacher of Dance Improvisation and the research, to which she dedicates her life, on body intelligence.

Defining her work as Practices that Offer Resilience & Support in Difficult Times, the artist opens a dialogue with the audience on how body intelligence practices can help to cope with periods of personal, social and environmental crisis.

Saturday 18 March at 8.30 pm in our Studio thanks to Collettivo Rosario. The event is free with prior booking.

For information write to collettivorosario@gmail.com or call Luna on 349 737 6495 or Paola on 347 886 0679.

HOOL the Film

The exploration of the relationship between architecture and the body in movement characterises the multidisciplinary film collaboration between Mexican architect-filmmaker Isaac Zambra, photographer Mario Morales and dancers Kirstie Simson and Martin Piliponsky.

Over the course of a single day, from dawn to dusk, the filmmakers follow the dancers as they let themselves be guided in their work by the whispers of the stories enclosed in the spaces of the long abandoned hacienda San Antonio Hool, in Merida, Mexico.

The ghosts of the past, present and future are heard - and revived - through the embodied expression of the dancers, honouring the haunting beauty of the architecture, the sense of suspension of time and the celebration of the mysteries of life.


Described as "a force of nature" by the New York Times, Kirstie Simson brings audiences into contact with the vitality of instant creation in virtuoso improvisation. Recognised as an excellent teacher and benchmark of Dance Improvisation, she holds a tenured professorship in the Department of Dance at the University of Illinois from 2008 to 2020.

In August 2020, she returns to her home country of Wales. She currently is a member of the Academic Advisory Board of Black Mountains College in Wales and is working on the creation and development of an innovative degree course in 'ecological education' to build a better future.