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Sep 10 2020 15:00
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Piazza del Mart - Peep Show, Rovereto

Serenade you

Lucrezia Gabrieli

Serenade you is a serenade to listen to from the window. To look at yourself, from a distance. With a light tone and a childlike atmosphere, between Mark Rothko's colours and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's notes, the dancing bodies tell the weight of human interaction, of detachment, of the depth - or superficiality - of relationships.

Serenade you is an excerpt from Lucrezia Gabrieli's broader work, Stretching one's arms again.

Serenade you

Concept and choreography Lucrezia Gabieli
Dancers Lucrezia Gabieli and Sofia Magnani
Giacomo Calli, Giacomo Ceschi on Serenade in RE by W.A. Mozart

The show takes place in the set design of the show "A peep show for Cinderella" at the La Ribalta Theater-Kunst der Vielfalt.